Web app testing is the services list, which may include various software testing types.

Software code verification, performed while using static and dynamic analysis methods, is carried out at the creation stage and before launching the software. Errors in the program code may result in well-functioning business processes failure and may finally destroy or damage databases, for example.

The main analysis goals:

Identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses in the architecture.
Detect dangerous development approach.
Assess the revealed vulnerabilities.

Source code analysis in 33 languages:

Java, Java for Android, TypeScript, JavaScript, JSP, Scala, HTML5, PHP, Python, Groovy, Kotlin, Go, VBScript, Ruby, С#, C/C++, Objective-C, Swift, Visual Basic 6.0, ABAP, Solidity, PL/SQL, T/SQL, Apex, Delphi, COBOL, VBA, ASP.NET, 1C, Vyper, Perl, VB.NET, Rust.

Files analysis in 9 formats:

JAR/WAR/EAR/AAR (Java/Scala), DLL/EXE (C/C++), APK (Android), IPA (Apple iOS), APP (Apple macOS).

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General project plan
Stage 1
App architecture analysis.
Stage 2
Static source code and libraries analysis.
Stage 3
API methods security assessment.
Stage 4
API methods security assessment.
Stage 5
API methods security assessment.
Stage 6
Undeclared opportunities revealing.
Project results

Report, containing the revealed vulnerabilities and deficiencies, recommendations for their elimination. Estimated confidence level vulnerability analysis