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Lets not forgot the higher timesframes are looking good , contracting histogram… I do not worry about the price falling of ethereum right now. It is just a pull back which requires to become stronger. MACD is perfect and market’s momentum is growing up.

It’s possible that the majority of the actual inventory of a market maker contains contracts that are long-dated. Long-dated contracts are those with a longer maturity date, usually more than a year. These contracts can include stocks, bonds, options, futures, and other financial instruments.


Like any other science, Technical Analysis has come a long way, and it’s still evolving. But why should we learn it and know it well? 🤷🏻 When you’re trading, you may be afraid or greedy. This is the stock RSI index using the Price as the midline.

In this video I share my weekly update on BTC/USD. I’m still bullish and looking for either more tests of 9K or a break . If it does get to that range then clear rejection of any down movement would be positive as well. This move from 9K-10K could be a 5-10 price action move. A slow rise to me though does show strength and more… They’re not issued or regulated by a central bank, and their prices are purely based on supply and demand.


Of course, Bitcoin was the OG crypto, launched in 2009, but there have been a multitude of currencies released since then and the market’s overall value is now around the $1tn mark. This page will show you ideas, financials, news, and more for the cryptocurrency market. This strategy is optimized for Bitcoin with the Keltner Channel Strategy, which is TradingView’s built-in strategy. In the original Keltner Channel Strategy, it was difficult to predict the timing of entry because the Buy and Sell signals floated in the middle of the candle in real time. This strategy is convenient because if the bitcoin price hits the top or… This is an optimized strategy for long term buying and selling with a Sortino Ratio above 3.

The average mining costs of one bitcoin equals to the true intrinsic value Globally, the Bitcoin network uses around 0.5% of the world’s electrical power supply. The sheer amount of electrical power and complex hardware required to operate a mining farm has intrinsic value. This gives bitcoin a fundamental cost to create, and thus intrinsic value. Back in 1968 the two major proponents of the Elliot Wave theory concept where divided as to the wave count of the DJIA.


I am still bearish on Bitcoin/crypto in the short/medium term (next few weeks/month) and bullish in the long-term (many months/yr). If this push is anything of significance… In the short-term and medium-term we are bearish in this market. However, in the long-term we are definitely bullish.


The division into 2 channels is used for more accurate entry calculations depending on trend directions. The ADX indicator is used to filter signals and determine the trend… As we can see, the price broke below the rising channel and is currently on a mission to close the fair value gap at 18.2k! These gaps tend to get filled at some point! ADA Also, the DXY is expected to rally from its current level – when the DXY goes up, the BTC price will go down! Likening current price action to 2016, meanwhile, trader Alan, also known as Trader Tardigrade on Twitter, described Bitcoin’s performance as “retracement before take-off.”

Markets where Bitcoin is traded

If you saw my last video which I will link below you will know how this trade started. In this video you can see the continuation of the price action since then. Remember to use Disciplined Money Management Principles to ensure longevity as a trader.

This is a VERY long type indicator and can help you with long term hodling investor mindset analysis . BTC Twitter Sentiment – shows the total numbers of all negative, neutral and positive Bitcoin related tweets. On default settings, the tweets are plotted in red white as well as green . The three charts are stacked so the total number of tweets is easily discernible.

Once upon a time🌞, in the kingdom👑 of Stocktopia, there was a young princess👰‍♂️ named Snow White Charts. She was the heir to the realm of Stocktopia. Still, unlike her father, the King of… This is an Indicator specifically made for BTC/USD Zoom out on Daily and Weekly candles as much and you can SEE a trend . A very very important trend and you shall remember this indicator with Years to come .

If you like to pick up stuff when its cheap then now is a good time. Is it possible to provide an indication that pre-empts the classic “death cross”? Traders use different systems to judge the market outlook on patterns, as well as an important indication for them. It is perfectly normal that someone can be wrong, and someone will be lucky to read the market correctly. This post is about anticipatory indication and prejudice….

Performance also differs, as a centralized database is able to compute information faster than blockchains. Bitcoins can be transferred from a bitcoin exchanges to one of many bitcoin wallets, ranging from online options to ‘cold storage’. In the video above I use the chart to show a potential move that we could see with regards to Bitcoin. In the video I refer to another chart I plotted in the past using the same method us above, everything after the line is how BTC played out… Comment down below if you think I am way off the mark… Yesterday i told you guys to watch for those “TO THE MOON BUY NOW- Technical Analysis” since many popped lately.

Your technical analysis summary for Bitcoin

Personally I tend to lean more twords the later and expect real price discovery to occur after a decision has been reached on their status as a security. Last week, the economic data released by the United States was mixed, and the US dollar entered a period of volatile pullback. The monthly rate of durable goods orders in January recorded -4.5%, worse than the expected -4%, the largest decline since April 2020. The February ISM manufacturing PMI recorded 47.7, lower than the expected 48; However, the ISM service…

  • Thankfully we have a nice clear correction unfolding for Wave 2 of Wave 3.
  • The ADX indicator is used to filter signals and determine the trend…
  • Bitcoin is better described as the first decentralized digital currency.
  • 📉 As mentioned, for the right shoulder to start , we need a break below the last major low from H4 Now since, we had that break, the next…
  • In this video, I’ll take a look at the different time frames from the weekly to the 1h charts to review and understand the possibilities that are ahead of us.

A bullish case would be that stocks have had a great rally on Friday, while BTC dumped, so we “should” go up and follow stocks. However, I think the bearish case is getting more realistic at… Thereby broke $23730 resistance level and area, but soon price declined back to $22535 which…

BTC price needs to close February above 50-month trend line — Analysis – Cointelegraph

BTC price needs to close February above 50-month trend line — Analysis.

Posted: Tue, 28 Feb 2023 08:00:00 GMT [source]

Do not forget to put Stop loss for your positions (For… Hi everyone.👋 Today I want to share with you a complete analysis of Bitcoin. When we talk about the complete analysis, then we have to deal with the fundamental analysis of Bitcoin in addition to the technical analysis. The initial shock of another bank failure sparked a cascade of selling among traders, but the latest data shows that the picture is stabilizing and a relief rally is underway.

So let’s dive into another Tradingview🎢 land story. Once upon a time⏳, in Hundred Acre Wood,… Get Bitcoin cryptocurrency rates on all available markets. In the table below you will find BTC overview, performance and technical analysis based on SMA, ADX, MACD and other oscillators and indicators.

2 Key btc usd — bitcoin price and chart — tradingviews that give it away plus very bullish reversal candles on the hourly. If you are confident enough to pick lows then you should be all over this one. If price was going to go lower it wouldn’t have just created these patterns.


The btc usd — bitcoin price and chart — tradingview Cheat Sheet can be used to give an indication of market timing. In this video, I’ll take a look at the different time frames from the weekly to the 1h charts to review and understand the possibilities that are ahead of us. When you read my charts in the 4h and 1h, you need to understand where it comes from and also that alternatives are totally accounted for. In other words, if my charts show 5,920 as a support for now and…

When the opposite signal is given, which signifies the beginning of miner capitulation, the strategy goes short (or flat, depending on… The crypto market is reacting very quickly based on BTC price, thus monitoring the BTC price is very helpful. This script will color the candles based on the BTC price trend. Set the timeframe and down/up percentage to monitor the BTC price trend, and the script should not repaint. The indicator will monitor the BTC price in a high frame, for example, for 4 hours,…

It’s been quite some process to get it happening. This move is just getting started so get back on the horse and… Thankfully we have a nice clear correction unfolding for Wave 2 of Wave 3. This makes it easier to anticipate the next decline once this correction is over. For now, we are in Wave B so we should continue to see prices oscillate in this area. With the growing systemic risk and global banking crisis developing, we should see a massive decline in the weeks ahead…

I’m hoping for increase in price soon . We in the Cryptosomniac community have provided deep research and analysis for our clients to be careful in this market as we are expecting a drop starting. Providing exit signal data at $9.6k and $8.8k. Our analysis still has not given us a buy signal and we’ve been out of the market since those exit signals.

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