ACS (3-D Secure)

PCI PIN Security предварительный аудит

Implementation support

We help to implement Access Control Server and Enrollment Servers in secure manner according 3-D Secure Security Requirements 3.0 during initial implementation.

PCI PIN Security подготовка

Gap analysis and Remediation

During all remediation processes we provide you with required consultation support and helps to implement required procedures and formal policies (including templates)

PCI PIN Security сертификация


Will complete the audit according to 3-D Secure Security Requirements 3.0 and inform VISA about successful results.

About ACS program

ES/ACS hosting service providers must comply with PCI DSS and the additional 3-D Secure Security Requirements
1-year cycle for all regions
Since 2014 only approved by VISA Inc. Security Assessor are responsible for validation

About 3-D Secure Security program

3-D Secure™ Security Requirements defines physical and logical security set for 3-D Secure Enrollment Servers (ES) and/or Access Control Servers (ACS) environments supporting the Verified by Visa (VbV) service.
It defines additional security measures for ES/ACS environments to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the service provider environment and protection of cardholder and authentication data for VbV transactions. These security requirements provides reasonable assurance that the systems, applications, processes and physical environment that makes up the ES/ACS service is appropriately protected and meets Visa’s standards.

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